Mighty Styley presents the 1 second button and makes unbuttoning easier.

A new opportunity for APPAREL companies to SATISFY clients who like ease-of-use products.

The 3D designed button allows anyone to unbutton a shirt with one smooth pull.

Shirts featuring the 1 Second Button are ideal for:

  • Mums and dads undressing their little ones
  • Kids age 3 to 8
  • Anyone looking for a shirt that allows them to "Express Undress" when they feel like it
  • The Elderly

Button Placement - System 1.png

Buttoning up is very similar compared to traditional buttons. Some people don´t notice the difference. Others need to put on a shirt once or twice to get familiar with the new buttons.

The first companies recently signed license contracts in order to produce both buttons and shirts. These innovation minded apparel companies are based in Japan and South-Korea.

3D Design Software - Dassault Systeme

Combining Dassault Systemes 3D design technology and innovative thinking enabled Mighty Styley to develop a new type of button.

Semi-automatic button attachment - Sewing machine: JUKI LK 1903 B.

ISO 9001 Certified Garment Factories - Vietnam & Bangladesh.

The fully automatic button feeder, developed by JUKI, is expected soon.

JUKI Sewing Machine LK 1903 B. Semi-automatic Button Attachment.

The newly developed fully automatic button feeder, developed by JUKI, is expected soon.