Première Vision Paris 19/21 September 2017. 6 complementary shows I 1960 selected exhibitors I 6000 visitors coming
"All we wanted was to offer an elegant alternative to zippers, traditional buttons and Velcro ®".
"This is why we are happy to see young Fashion Designers starting to experiment with a new set of ease-of-use characteristics not seen before in textile fasteners".
Joep Maussen - Founder

See how to unbutton your shirt with one elegant pull.
Ideal for anyone looking to express undress elegantly.

Button system 1 is ideal for everyone who likes to wear his/her shirt untucked. Perfect for casual occasions. 

Buttoning up is very similar compared to traditional buttons. Some people don´t notice the difference. Others need to put on a shirt once or twice to get familiar with the new buttons.

Button system 2 is ideal for everyone who likes to wear his/her shirt tucked. Perfect for formal occasions.

First you unbutton the lowest (normal round) button the traditional way, after which you can undress your shirt smoothly in 1 second moving both hands sideward.  

Video showing the button feeder (JUKI Corporation Japan) for fully automatic button attachment of the 1 Second Button.